The Marriage TV Network is exclusively about and created for married couples. We will present shows globally that will feature informative, fun and life changing programming for married couples in over 100 countries using cable, satellite and Internet streaming using the latest translation technology. Couples will be Interactive with our shows through our TV network, website, iPhone, Android phones, iPads, Kindle, Roku, TVuer and/or other new Smart devices. Our sponsors for our shows will be from around the world creating exciting worldwide TV network shopping for our members. Imagine being able to see a show with a commercial in any language of a store that was advertised on the Marriage TV Network in your home where the language is translated for you automatically. The marriage market is a very exciting niche market with over 57 million married couples in the US and billions worldwide and advertising revenue is endless. 
​We will be contracting worldwide network partners along with advertising agencies that can bring us international marriage shows and movies using the new translation technology for our TV programming. The Marriage TV Network will make sure that it is bringing a quality product for our viewers to enjoy.  

The Marriage Television Network (MTN) "TM"
Types of Shows Coming

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